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Meet Dr. Jenny Zhang

Dr. Jenny has a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and Master’s in Acupuncture from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Jenny bridges the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. She's committed to offering natural, empowering approaches to women's wellness, and her treatments are uniquely tailored to each individual.

Areas of Clinical Interest:

Women's Health: Dr. Jenny addresses hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities, and other women's health concerns using a holistic approach that considers the whole person.

Fertility Support: Couples on their fertility journey can benefit from Dr. Jenny's integrative techniques, including naturopathic therapies, acupuncture, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle adjustments.

Pregnancy Care: Dr. Jenny provides holistic prenatal support, working along with your OBGYN/Midwife, guiding expectant mothers through a healthy pregnancy while preparing them for childbirth. Dr. Jenny provides perinatal acupuncture/acupressure that targets nausea and low back pain during pregnancy.

Pain Management: In addition to her women's health focus, Dr. Jenny excels in pain management using both acupuncture and naturopathic techniques. She helps patients find relief from chronic pain conditions through natural and effective methods.

Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation: Dr. Jenny offers facial acupuncture rejuvenation, a holistic approach to enhancing skin health and promoting a youthful appearance. This technique combines ancient wisdom with modern science to promote natural radiance and vitality.

Philosophy: Dr. Jenny believes in treating the root causes of health issues, harnessing the body's innate healing abilities. Her evidence-based approach combines modern knowledge with traditional wisdom, ensuring personalized treatment plans that promote balance, vitality, and enduring well-being.

Beyond the Practice: Dr. Jenny enjoys the outdoors, exploring the PNW with her husband and daughter.

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